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Hi and welcome to “The Golf Bulletin”. This site is dedicated to bringing you articles on different aspects of golf. We will talk about golf courses, products, tips I’ve found to be helpful in my game, and just plain having fun.

My Story

A little story about me. I started caddying when I was 15. My friend had told me what kind of money he was making and it was great, especially for a 15-year-old. I thought I can do this, after all carry some clubs for somebody, what could be so hard about that. So I applied at the private country club where he was caddying.

After going thru the training they had, which was basically following a more experienced caddie around the course, I finally started caddying on my own. It was great I grew to love the game, and hey with the tips, I was making great money for a teenager. I started playing myself, got my first starter set, and my buddy and I would go to the driving range. Needless to say I was terrible, but I did not get disappointed. My first official game on the course was ridiculous, I sucked big time!! My score after 18 holes was….ready? 121…yikes! 49 over par. But you know what, I didn’t care I loved being out there and I loved the challenge.

Moving forward a couple of years, my scores were better, I was still making great money as a caddie, plus most of the members I had come to know were giving me some great tips. At 18 I stepped away from the game for several years, but that is a story for later.



My goal is to help those who love the game as much as I do, bring ideas and techniques that have helped me. I am by no means an expert, as a matter of fact I am still about a 10 handicap. I want to bring stories and articles that I have found that inspired and helped me. I enjoy listening and reading about how other golfers like me have overcome hurdles. Main thing is I want to keep it fun. Several of my buddies that I golf with ask me “don’t you ever get upset out here when you have a bad game?”. My answer has always been, ” when I walk of the course, no one is waiting there to hand me a check”, why should I be upset?




If you ever want to see something different on this sight, just reply back. Also, I would to hear any golf stories you would have, and golf tips, we will post them here for all to enjoy.

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