How I clean my clubs-It’s simple and easy

There are lots of ways to clean your clubs. They make all types of golf club cleaning kits that are available online, and most likely in your golf pro shops. Those kits are great, and come highly recommended.

I myself have found what is a simple process by using regular items that you probably have at home that you already use now. So it will save you a few bucks!

1. A list of what you Need

So what do I need? It’s a simple clubs

  • A shallow bucket;
  • some plain old dish soap;
  • a soft brush with plastic bristles (old toothbrush);
  • clean drying towel

That’s it, we all have these items laying around the house. I mean you could clean them in the kitchen sink, but I don’t think the Mr/Mrs would appreciate that.

2. Lots of Suds

Put a little dish soap in the bottom of your bucket, and then add warm water to get some nice suds. Only use warm, water that’s to hot could loosen the glue that secure Ferrules on your irons.

Only add enough water that will cover the heads of your irons.

3.Time to get Cleaning

Take your all your irons (no putters) and place them in the bucket, make sure the soapy water covers the club heads.

Let the irons soak in the warm water for a few minutes. This helps to loosen up all the dirt that is lodged in the grooves of the club.

After they have been soaking for a little bit, take each club and use your soft bristled brush to clean the grooves on the club face. This is an important step as those grooves are critical to the grip on your golf ball, and can effect the performance of the club.

Also clean the sole and back of the club head. We want those puppies to shine!

Never use a stiff wire-bristled brush during cleaning as this will scratch the surface!

Rinse with clean water, hey if your outside just use the garden hose. What I will do is if I am indoors cleaning, i will have my soapy water and clean water to rinse.

4. Drying the Clubs

Take your clean towels and dry off your club head, then also wipe the shaft. This will clean any loose dirt that might be on there. ( I also let my clubs sit out for a bit before I put back in my bag, just to make sure there is no moisture on them.

5. Cleaning Woods

I never put my woods in the water to soak, simply because I do not want to ruin that nice shiny finish. Instead I just dip my metal woods in the soapy water, then rinse and dry with towel. I will clean the grooves the same way as the irons.

Note: If you have older persimmon woods, do not dip in water. Instead just wipe with a moist cloth and dry immediately.

6. Cleaning golf Shoes

Before I put everything away and clean up I always use the soapy water and brush to clean my golf shoes. After all I want my shoes to look good also.

In conclusion, I know these ideas seem simple, but they work for me. I just like to take good care of my clubs as I would anything else I own.

Until next time “Hit em long and straight”.


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