Taylormade Drivers

March 7, 2019

I was in the market for a new driver. Now being a 10 or better handicap golfer, I wasn’t looking to drop $500-$600 for a driver. Not that I am cheap or anything, just didn’t think I was on that level. After reading some reviews about the Taylormade driver family, I went to my local sporting goods store where I was able to try out some clubs.

I started off with the M1, which is an older version, but at a price that was appealing to me. I hit it well, but was still hitting the ball to the right. Next the M2, same thing felt good, but still going to the right. I then looked more into the M3 and M4. I had found that they redesigned the club to help hit straighter shots, one of the reviews I read was as follows:

“Twist Face Technology is a new club face geometry designed to help you hit straighter shots. The face is curved slightly open high in the toe area to add loft and curved slightly closed low in the heel area to lower the loft there. This reduces slice and hook spin when you make contact in those locations”.

Let me tell you they were exactly right, when I started swinging these clubs, my shots were definitely better and the clubs were more forgiving. Between the M3 and M4, the M3 felt better to me. I decided I really wanted the M3, but was it within my budget? Here’s what I found.

M1-$220 to $380

M2-$230 to $400

M3-$320 to $420

M4-$340 to $500

Granted some these prices were for used, but were in great shape. I decided to go with the M3, and found what I thought was a great price for a new driver, which was around $340.

No regrets, now hitting the ball straighter and a little longer, I think I’ll keep this one in my bag for a while.

Until next time, hit em long and straight! Have a great golf day!


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