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Hi everyone, last week we talked about BMI and Waste size. This week we will dive into Blood Pressure, Lipid Profile, and Exercise.

Blood Pressure

Ideally you want your upper or “Systolic,” number to be below 120, and your lower “diastolic” number to be below 80. Once the numbers are 130 and 80, or higher, you are considered to have high blood pressure. You may not have or feel any symptoms, but it can damage your heart and blood vessels. Eventually, it can also cause problems with your kidneys, eyes, and even sex life.

Lipid Profile

This is a test that measures the different kinds of fat in your blood: “bad” (LDL) cholesterol, “good” (HDL) cholesterol, and triglycerides. the general rule of thumb is that you want your total cholesterol score to be less that 200 mg/dl. You want your HDL to be 60 mg/dl or more and your triglycerides below 150 mg/dl. Unhealthy levels can lead to narrow or blocked arteries, heart attack, and stroke.


You should make a goal to get 30 minutes a day, for at least 5 days a week of moderate exercise, like walking, biking, or light aerobics. It’s best to spread the activity out, over the week, and try to get at least 20 minutes of one of these exercises a day. Also it will help some strength training twice a week for all your major muscles. Muscles will burn more calories than fat, too , even at rest.

That’s it for this week, remember to always check with your doctor before you start any diet or exercise plan to make sure it’s right for your situation, until next time, “Think and Stay Healthy.”


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